Sell me this pen… How do you sell everything to everyone? With this book list you will soon know everything about selling. Are you an entrepreneur or salesman or do you intend to become one? Then you have to read the books from this list. I scoured the internet for you in search of the most recommended sales books. Each top sales book list will contain at least 1 of the books below. I give you the top 8 sales books with a short description.



In Influence, scientist Cialdini explains the weapons of influence. These weapons are psychological processes that we have often learned from an early age that encourage us to do or not do things. In this case, we focus specifically on why people buy something. The book is interesting from a psychology-perspective and contains many well-known theories such as the bystander effect. This book explains the magic tricks and of well-known influencers, business (wo)men and top sellers. You can buy the book here.


The Psychology of Selling



Unlike Influence, The Psychology of Selling is less about psychology and more about practice. Despite the fact that this book is based on cold-calling and door-to-door sales (the somewhat older sales techniques) it contains tips that are timeless. Step by step you walk through the sales process, from appointment schedules to sales presentations. Tracy also examines the attitude of the seller itself, how do yóú sell more? It is written in a clear way and uses the power of repetition to remember tips. You can buy the book here.


The Little Red Book of Selling


The little red book of selling is written for the busy seller. It contains short and concise explanations of various sales methods and is a good guide for the beginner and the advanced sales person. This book also elaborates on the philosophy behind selling and focuses on the long term and building relationships. You can buy the book here.



Secrets of Closing the Sale



As the name suggests, Secrets of Closing the Sale is about closing the deal, whether this is a product, service or idea. Ziglar discusses 5 reasons why people don’t buy and how you can overcome it using around 100 creative techniques. The book is about professionalism, increasing your productivity, integrity and how to deal with more challenging buyers. You can buy the book here.



How to Win Friends & Influence People


This book focuses on personal development. It answers questions such as: how do you make friends, how do you increase your popularity and how do you convince people? This book is about relationship management and persuasiveness that are crucial for a salesperson. It is written in stories and offers practical advice and techniques to improve your professional and private life. The book not only helps you to become a better seller, but also more successful as a person, so two fly with one stone! You can buy the book here.



This book is written by the same scientist as Influence, Robert Cialdini. This book is specifically about techniques and psychological processes to convince people. Convincing is of course useful to convince your client, but also consider presenting your own idea, job interviews, or entering into alliances with other companies. Pre-suasion is mainly about what precedes the “yes”. Small details such as location or small visual details convince someone before you have started convincing. You can buy the book here.




The media world today is overwhelming. That is why it is important how your company and its leader are viewed. This book is about how you position your company and leader in the memory of people. Next to positioning your own company it also provides tips on how to positioning competitors based on their weak spots and your own strengths. Furthermore, they discuss product management, branding and other forms of communication. A top buy for the new age!