Always wanted to know which books about money you should really read? Not looking for those lists with personal preferences? I scoured the internet for you looking for the most recommended books about money. Therefore, almost every top book list about money, getting rich, getting out of dept and increasing your income will contain 1 of the books below. I will also provide a short description (because time is money!).

Top 10 books about money

The list below is based on more than 10 top lists about money I found on other websites and blogs. They are listed in order of the number of times I have encountered them, with number 1 being the most common. So this is the ultimate list, the list among the lists. Therefore, if you want to start reading effectively, simply start at the top and work your way down.

1.You money or your life


Your money or your life teaches you the true value of money. The book gives you step by step insight in how you handle your money right now and where your money adds value or not. Once you understand that, you start spending money more consciously and therefore you can achieve your financial goals faster. The book offers a clear step-by-step plan of 9 steps that you can follow.

2. Think and grow rich


Think and Grow Rich has obtained 16 laws from the success stories of people who have earned a fortune. If you dare to dream, believe in yourself and persevere then you can achieve everything. This book helps to suppress the negative thoughts that keep you from this path and helps you keep track of your long-term goals.

3.Rich dad poor dad


Rich dad poor dad explains what lessons children of rich parents naturally get taught with while other children almost never learn them. This gives the children of rich parents a head start and makes it easier for them to make money themselves. With this book you will also learn these lessons. The book explains financial independence, how to make money, how to invest and how to start a business.

4.The total money makeover


The total money makeover is a step-by-step plan towards financial freedom. It takes you from debt (from credit card debt to mortgage) to no debt and wealth and the freedom to do whatever you want with your money. The incredibly simple steps are effective and will work for most people.

5.The richest man in babylon


This book examines the 7 golden rules that the wealthy Babylonians used to create an oasis of wealth from a city in the desert. The rules of that time are still applicable today. The book contains informative stories with advice and simple rules about how to spend money or how to grow money.

6.The millionaire next door


The millionaire next door finds 7 characteristics of people with a lot of money. You will not see the real rich in this world in large villas and showing off their prosperity, it is much more likely that it is someone like your neighbour. A lot of money is in investments, pensions, savings accounts and is therefore not in expensive cars and expensive clothes. Learn the rules of these rich people and become one of them.

7.The little book of common sense investing


In the little book of common sense investing you explore the world of investments and the stock market. The book gives you an excellent basis to start investing. For example, it explains risk-avoiding investments such as index funds with which will always make your more profit than the average high-paid stock market trader will gain. It is a book supported by top-investor and one of the richest people on the planet: Warren Buffett.

I have made a summary of this book for you.

8.The millionaire fastlane


The millionaire fast lane is about three roadmaps that portray wealth: the sidewalk, the slowlane and the fastlane. The sidewalk is the roadmap for poverty, the slow lane is the 9-5 job with frugal living that gets you to riches in your twilight years. The fast lane is about people who really go out of their way to become rich as fast as possible. It explains why everyone can get rich quickly and why many people are, and remain, poor.

9.The intelligent investor


The intelligent investor is also about how you should invest and invest on the stock market. Graham explains that you can calculate which stocks and bonds are below their real value on the market and how you can make a profit from this. This book is useful for people with a little more experience at the stock market, but can also be very interesting literature for beginners.

10.The automatic millionaire


You don’t need a budget, willpower, a good salary, or an interest in money to become a millionaire. The only thing you need is a good plan, the rest is automatic. This book explains a realistic and easy step by step system where you put energy into the plan once and for the rest you never have to do anything again.


In addition, I want to give the following books an honorable mention because they just fell off the list but deal with incredibly interesting topics.

The 4-hour workweek


Being richer and happier starts by stopping that 9 to 5 mentality, learning to look at your money differently and organising your work better. That’s what the 4-hour working week is all about. It gives tips on outsourcing the cheap things that cost a lot of time and energy and that won’t make you happy, and will teach you to enjoy the time you have left.

The science of getting rich


Through an academic understanding of human psychology we learn how it is possible to amass wealth without compromising our relationships with life around us. That is The Science of Getting Rich. Financial stability can be achieved by following simple almost scientific laws that allow us to find our place in the world and where we can gain wealth without competition.

To make it even easier for you, I am in the process of writing a summary of each book so that you can spend even less time on learning these important lessons.

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